Profiles on NY State P-TECH Schools

Taking an in-depth look into an innovative school model

By Millie O. Symns in Data Analytics R

August 1, 2021

Creating valuable assets for high schools using an innovated education model for STEM learning and workforce development

Status: Complete


As a contractor with IBM as a Data & Insights Analyst on the corporate social responsibility team, I was the lead expert on data strategy and reporting for the global P-TECH program. To provide an in-depth example of what data collection and reporting could look like for schools in the network, I developed a process and connections with two schools outside of the IBM P-TECH network. This project was the first time that the IBM CSR team was able to gain deep insights on the P-TECH model outside of the network.


  • Develop collaboration contracts and agreements for data sharing
  • Produce a data privacy assessment to protect school data
  • Gain insights on a P-TECH school outside of the IBM network
  • Produce a white paper for the school to use in external settings


  • Received student-level data (by cohort and academic year) on each school with demographic and academic metrics, such as grade outcomes, degree earned, and post-program plans
  • Used 1,300 rows of data and reported summary statistics on the P-TECH model’s impact on student academic metrics
  • Interviewed representatives from all parts of the program including, current students, alumni, high school staff, community college representatives, and industry partner representatives and created profiles on individuals
  • Extracted themes from 15 hours of interviews from over 20 people to include in the report to coincide with quantitative outcomes


  • Language: R
  • Data Processing: tidyverse (dplyr, tidyr, stringr)
  • Data Visualizations: ggplot2
  • Documentation: RMarkdown
  • Other Tools: RStudio


A design team formatted the final documents with the P-TECH branding. I provided all written content, analysis, and direction of the structure for the report.

Greater Southern Tier STEM Academy (Corning, NY)

Syracuse P-TECH at the Institute of Technology (Syracuse, NY)

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August 1, 2021
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